Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The next leg

We made it out by train, to Nice, without incident. 

 If that sounds loaded, it's because it is.  The real fun began when we picked  up the rental car.  It would appear that once you sign the contract, you inspect  for damage and off you go.  No one from the rental company gives a care.  Once we'd figured that out, the joy really began. Just suffice it to say that rush hour, Medieval city streets, and foreign country in,driving all made for a pegging out of the stress-o-meter. Enough said.

The reward for all that was Tuesday.  A perfectly blue skied day exploring Avignon. In my book, any day poking around a Medieval city is a really good day.  We visited the Palace of the Popes home to the mostly, self-employed appointed "Anti" popes from 1309-1403- largely done because the duly ejected French pope didn't entirely trust the Italians, so he pulled, what in later centuries would become known as "The Sonics Sneak," and left town.  For 96 years, so, there's still some hope for the Sonics. For much of that time, there were two popes, one in France and one in Italy.  At least the City owns the mange "Sonics," so that won't happen. 

Wednesday was "Get out of town" day and we set the Opel Mokka toward Orange and the Roman theater there.  It is truly spectacular, and apparently much better preserved.  After lunch, in which my rotten French was put to the test because the waitress didn't speak English, we did Rick Steve's driving your of the Rhone Valley.  Beautiful country.  No wine.  The roads are narrow, winding and a little on the treacherous side.

Now, after having spent time enjoying the Pont du Gard  remains of the Nimes aquaduct, we are hurtling our way to the Medieval walled city of Carcassonne. Should be fun! 

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