Monday, September 7, 2015

Race Report

Well, Jackie, it was a fine day and a fine day for racing, unless you are Lotus.  Neither one of their cars finished the second lap.  Pastor Moldonado reportedly told Lotus  to get rid of his car.  He hit something going into Turn 1 and severely damaged the undercarriage.  

Kimi Rrrrrrraikonen, driving for Ferrari, did not have a good start and spent the entire race moving up from 14th to a 5th place finish. Stewart Hamilton, driving for Mercedes got off to a terrific start and never looked back, finishing 20 seconds ahead of his nearest competition.  To the crowd's delight, Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel moved into the second place slot early in the race and stayed there to the finish.  At the start of the 50th lap, it looked to be a Mercedes (Hamilton)-Ferrari (Vettel)-Mercedes (Rosberg) podium, but in the chicane, Rosberg's engine caught fire, allowing Williams driver Filipe Massa onto the podium. Did you hear the crowd erupt with glee when Rosberg's car caught fire, Jackie?  There's  no love for Mercedes at Monza,I can tell you!  The Italian crowd continued the tradition of rushing the track as soon as the last car was off, running down the straightaway and unfurling  huge Ferrari and Italian flags.  It's all part of the spectacle that is Monza.  

All in all, it was a spectacular weekend of Formula 1 racing, one we'll never forget!

That's your 2015 Italian Grand Prix wrap-up.  Back to you, in the studio.

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