Sunday, September 6, 2015

It's Race Day!

It's Race Day here in Monza, Jackie, and what a day it is.  The clouds and occasional light rain that dominated the day yesterday, during the last practice and qualifying have become clear blue skies and glittering sunshine.  The stadium is swelling with thousands of  Formula One fans and the famous Italian reserve and restraint have given way to a boisterous party atmosphere as their beloved Ferrari team, Scudero Ferrari, is poised to challenge Mercedes for a spot on the podium.  What's your take, Jackie? Could Team Ferrari have a legitimate chance at knocking Mercedes off the podium at day's end? 
Jackie, is that you? You do know your BRM is no competition for today's F1 machines, right? Oh, fine. One last lap for old times sake...

We have a great crowd today, from all over the world.  Of course we have many, many Italians all in their Ferrari red gear. We have quite a few Britd, many to support British Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, a fair number of Americans mostly here for the spectacle, and Team Suomi, here to support Kimi RRRRRAIKKONEN, and that other Finnish guy.  

Before the race, though, you have to have that time honored sexist traction, the Parade of Bimbos because F1 drivers can't find their starting positions without some skinny thing right out of Vogue to tell them where to put their cars. 
Following the Parade, they brought out the tenors to sing the Italian National Anthem, then the Air Force flew over painting the sky.  

After that,  there was another, apparently, time honored tradition, the Presentation of the Tyres. Each team brings out a rack of tyres (official F1 spelling) and two rolling tool chests. Or barbecues, but we think they were chests of tools.  While the crews are installing tyres, the driver gets his own little cocktail umbrella to keep him comfortable. Such a civilized sport. After the Tyres are changed in front of the crowd, the cars take a warm up lap as the put crews scramble to get off the track before the cars return to their starting places. It's  controlled chaos at its finest.  

To be continued...

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